Decorative Whole Cloves

0.6 ounces

Orange-Clove Pomander Making Kit

$11.99 plus S/H

Lemon Yellow Chick Pomander How-To Guide
Freshen up your home and Easter basket with an all-natural lemon chick!
Easy step-by-step guide.
PDF $1.29

Frog Craft Kit

Makes 3 Frogs

Great Spring, Easter, Passover, Pesach Activity! 16 Piece Kit! Everything included to make 3 Spring Peeper Frogs: 3 faux limes, 3 markers, 3 sets of frog eyes, 3 toothpicks for pre-piercing eye holes, and easy step-by-step instructions!

$6.99 plus S/H

Sukkah Fruit & Pomander Hanger

No more wrapping ribbon around your pomanders just to have the heavy, smooth skinned fruit slip out when you try to display them!
Hang your aromatic pomanders and decorative fruits from your tree, sukkah, door and window frames easily and securely with our exclusive  patent pending fruit hooks.

8 pack

$2.99 plus S/H

Fruit Pomanders and Creations How-To EBook PDF


Fruit Pomander Crafts & Creations Kit

Orange-Clove Carving Tool Kit. Makes 4+

Includes everything needed to turn your fresh fruit into beautiful, aromatic pomanders! Includes carving tool, 0.6 oz. whole cloves, marker, toothpick, natural raffia, pomander hanging hooks, full color step-by-step instructional guide. Plus introduction and tutorial on making fruit-clove pomander critters. 

$9.99 plus S/H

Products List:

Fruit Pomander & Creations Craft Kit

Makes 4+faux fruit critters. All inclusive kit includes 2 faux oranges, 1 faux lime, 1 faux lemon, 0.2 oz. whole cloves, marker, toothpicks, frog eyes, chick eyes, chick feet, chick beak, and step-by-step instructional guide.

$14.99 plus S/H

Lime Owl Instructional



Yellow Chick Craft Kit
18 Pieces, Makes 3 Chicks

Perfect Craft Activity for Easter, Passover, and Spring Break!
Kit includes 3 faux lemons, 6 chick eyes, 3 beaks, 3 pair chick feet, 2 toothpicks, and step-by-step easy to understand guide.
$6.99 plus S/H